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Student Resources

This page provides a variety of resources from an internship database to various resume and interview tools.


Below is a spreadsheet that contains information from real Virginia Tech Students about internships/co-ops they have held, salaries, job roles as well as addition details such as housing.

Please contact us at to seek more information on certain details or internships.




  • Resume Checklist
    • Use this checklist as a guide before getting it reviewed 
  • Resume Planning Page
    • Fill out this page before building your resume to help figure out what you want to include and how to break it down by categories
  • Action Verb List
    • Use this list to help brainstorm action verbs to use throughout your resume
  • Categorize your experiences wisely 

    • Common categories include: Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Leadership, etc. 

    • Choose categories based on requirements of the job you are applying for 

    • Be creative with how you categorize! What sets you apart from the crowd? 

  • Order your experiences with the most recent at the top 

    • Include dates and location of experience on the resume 

  • Describe each experience using 2 to 3 bullet points 

    • Begin each point with an action verb- makes it look like you’ve done a lot of things! 

    • Use buzzwords/keywords found in the job summary to write your descriptions 

    • May use up to 4 bullet points if you were involved in the experience for a long time

  • Be consistent with formatting throughout 

    • Makes it easier for recruiters to read- they will only spend about 30 sec. looking at a resume!

    • Maximize white space on the page (decrease margins up to 0.5”, font size as small as 10 pt, etc.

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