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Student Resources

This page provides a variety of resources from an internship database to various resume and interview tools.


Microsoft is providing a free certification course for members in the CAMEO Organizations dealing with AI starting at the beginning of the semester! This is a semester-long course that will have associated monthly meetings. You will have access to the certification training for the entirety of the semester and will also have the opportunity to interact with several Microsoft employees. 

Application Link: 

Resume Book

Want your resume to be seen by companies that attend SWE events? Upload your resume to the Resume Book!


Below is a spreadsheet that contains information from real Virginia Tech Students about internships/co-ops they have held, salaries, job roles as well as addition details such as housing.

Add your internship/co-op information by following this link!

Please contact us at to seek more information on certain details or internships.

Feedback Form

Fill out this form to let us know how we did this semester! It's completely anonymous, so be honest :)




  • Resume Checklist
    • Use this checklist as a guide before getting it reviewed 
  • Resume Planning Page
    • Fill out this page before building your resume to help figure out what you want to include and how to break it down by categories
  • Action Verb List
    • Use this list to help brainstorm action verbs to use throughout your resume
  • Categorize your experiences wisely 

    • Common categories include: Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Leadership, etc. 

    • Choose categories based on requirements of the job you are applying for 

    • Be creative with how you categorize! What sets you apart from the crowd? 

  • Order your experiences with the most recent at the top 

    • Include dates and location of experience on the resume 

  • Describe each experience using 2 to 3 bullet points 

    • Begin each point with an action verb- makes it look like you’ve done a lot of things! 

    • Use buzzwords/keywords found in the job summary to write your descriptions 

    • May use up to 4 bullet points if you were involved in the experience for a long time

  • Be consistent with formatting throughout 

    • Makes it easier for recruiters to read- they will only spend about 30 sec. looking at a resume!

    • Maximize white space on the page (decrease margins up to 0.5”, font size as small as 10 pt, etc.

Graduation Requirements

For Graduating Seniors (Dec 2023/May 2024 Graduation): First off, congratulations! We are so excited for your graduation and look forward to seeing where you all go and what you do. As a member of SWE, you are able to qualify for a cord at graduation.

Here are the requirements you need to meet to receive a SWE Cord during your graduation month:

  • Must be a SWE National Member

  • Must have attended 4 SWE events per semester (in both Fall and Spring semester) 

    • Can include any GBM, Pro-Dev, Social Event, or other SWE Event

    • Must fill out the SWE Attendance form for the event

  • If attendance requirements were not met, then the graduating senior must have been a prior officer of SWE@VT


If all qualifications are met, you will receive an email from us the month prior to your graduation with information relating to cord pickup.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lucy at anytime:

Graduation Caps
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