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Our Events


National Conference

Each year the Virginia Tech section sends executive officers and interested members to the SWE National Conference. It is a great way to learn more about SWE's diverse history, explore emerging technologies, and network with other attendees and industry representatives. The National Conference is where professional and collegiate members come together for networking and sharing knowledge about the professional industry.

Evening with the Industries (EWI)

Evening With Industry is SWE's annual dinner where SWE and other engineering students meet with corporate representatives in a relaxed and social atmosphere. This event serves as a valuable tool for learning more about industry and career opportunities. Attending students have the chance to submit their resume, which will be distributed to the attending companies. The advantage of attending not only includes getting your resume out early, but allows you to network with representatives one-on-one.

S2S 9th pic.jpg


"S2S (Serve 2 Succeed) is an annual SWE-wide competition that takes place every fall.  During this competition, our section will aim to give back to society by volunteering our time to different community organizations or charities in and around campus.  This is a wonderful way for SWE members to get involved and be able to contribute to the community in Blacksburg.  This year, the competition will run from September 12th to November 1st."

Girl Scout Day

Each spring, Girl Scout Juniors are invited to join SWE-VT to enjoy a fun-filled day. The Girl Scouts in attendance will be completing activities based primarily on math and science to earn a badge. This is a great way for SWE members to get involved and give back to the community. It allows Juniors to learn about science and technology from girls that are only a few years older than them.

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Brownie Day

Every fall, SWE hosts Brownie Day, which is an event for young girl scouts to get them interested in S.T.E.M. Each year, local troops are invited to earn a science-related try-it badge for completing different activities. There are typically 5-6 activities and crafts taught by SWE members that the Brownies get to participate in. It is a day of fun and education for young girl scouts. It also allows SWE to give back to the community.

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